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Create Snow Leopard Server, Install USB for Mac Pro 5.1

Recently acquired a Snow Leopard Server retail DVD version 10.6.3. Any version of Snow Leopard older than 10.6.4 wouldn’t boot on one Mac Pro 5,1. By the way, I couldn’t find a version of it until now Snow Leopard to boot (and install) on the cMP5.1 other than the one that came with the original recovery DVD. I uploaded an image of the recovery DVD to the web archive:

To create a USB installer:
1. Create a RW DMG of the recovery DVD image on the desktop with Disk Utility.
2. Resize the image to 12G:


hdiutil resize -size 12g  ~/Desktop/Mac\ OS\ X\ Install\ DVD.dmg

3. Copy these files from the Snow Leopard Server 10.6.3 DVD:


/Volumes/Mac OS X Server Install Disc/System/Installation/Packages/MacOSXServerInstall.mpkg
/Volumes/Mac OS X Server Install Disc/System/Installation/Packages/MacOSXServerInstall.pkg
/Volumes/Mac OS X Server Install Disc/System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg
/Volumes/Mac OS X Server Install Disc/System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.pkg
/Volumes/Mac OS X Server Install Disc/System/Installation/Packages/QuickTimeStreamingServer.pkg
/Volumes/Mac OS X Server Install Disc/System/Installation/Packages/ServerAdminTools.pkg
/Volumes/Mac OS X Server Install Disc/System/Installation/Packages/
/Volumes/Mac OS X Server Install Disc/System/Installation/Packages/ServerEssentials.pkg
/Volumes/Mac OS X Server Install Disc/System/Installation/Packages/ServerSetup.pkg
/Volumes/Mac OS X Server Install Disc/Other Installs.localized/ServerAdministrationSoftware.mpkg
/Volumes/Mac OS X Server Install Disc/Other Installs.localized/X11User.pkg

4. Paste the files to their respective destinations on the previously created RW disk image:


/Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD/System/Installation/Packages/MacOSXServerInstall.mpkg
/Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD/System/Installation/Packages/MacOSXServerInstall.pkg
/Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD/System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg
/Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD/System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.pkg
/Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD/System/Installation/Packages/QuickTimeStreamingServer.pkg
/Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD/System/Installation/Packages/ServerAdminTools.pkg
/Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD/System/Installation/Packages/
/Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD/System/Installation/Packages/ServerEssentials.pkg
/Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD/System/Installation/Packages/ServerSetup.pkg
/Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD/Optional Installs.localized/ServerAdministrationSoftware.mpkg
/Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD/Optional Installs.localized/X11User.pkg

5. Restore the RW DMG to a 16 GB USB stick with Disk Utility.
6. Boot from the USB and install the Snow Leopard Server on cMP5,1

The only caveat I encountered is with the X11. For some reason it complains that it can’t find all the X11 files, although I can’t find a missing file.