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BJP’s Bidhuri says people will vote for him to become Modi PM | to make Latest news Delhi

Seventy-one-year-old Ramvir Singh Bidhuri, the sitting MLA from Badarpur and Opposition Leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the Delhi Assembly, is a veteran of Delhi politics. He has been elected MLA four times and was a member of the first Delhi Legislative Assembly in 1993. Now contesting the Lok Sabha polls from the South Delhi seat, he went with HT’s Paras Singh at his bungalow on Zakir Hussain Marg sit down to discuss his statements. plans for the constituency. Edited excerpts:

Ramvir Singh Bidhuri during the interview at his residence. (Raj K Raj/HT Photo)

Q: What would be your key projects if the people of South Delhi choose you?

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I will expand the metro network, develop master plan roads and regularize 69 prosperous unauthorized colonies. Traffic is a major problem in our region and we will develop a peripheral road connecting Sangam Vihar to Deoli. Under the Sheila Dikshit government, a Singapore university was to be developed in Jaunapur village and the project will be revived in collaboration with the university. The Mehrauli-Badarpur road should be converted into an elevated road, up to the Gurugram border. Mandi Road will be widened from 25 feet to 100 feet to create a new thoroughfare connecting Haryana.

Question: Six sitting MPs of the BJP in Delhi have not been given tickets for elections this time, including from South Delhi. How do you view the work of your predecessor?

They say no work has taken place in the last ten years. Can AAP list one work that will be remembered for a long time? We have developed peripheral roads around Delhi to reduce pollution, developed one of the world’s largest eco-parks on 800 hectares in Badarpur, built the Kalindi DND highway from Badarpur to Mumbai, and set up world-class convention centers at Pragati Maidan and Dwarka, developed the Pragati Maidan Tunnel and developed a Third Ring Road, with 26 flyovers, with 90% of the work completed. A web of highways and infrastructure projects is emerging around Delhi. The face of Delhi has changed.

Q: How do you view your Aam Aadmi Party opponent, Sahi Ram Pehalwan, and the challenge he poses to your candidature?

People know that the Modi government will come to power. They will choose the BJP candidate so that many issues related to the central government will be resolved. The people of South Delhi are intelligent voters. They have to choose between Ramvir Singh Bidhuri, with 53 years of public life, the top MLA, a four-time MLA, leader of the opposition, and Pehalwan. I have not had a single stain on me in my fifty years of public life, while he has several lawsuits against him. There is no challenge or comparison between us.

Question: The AAP has repeatedly alleged that the BJP and the Central government never allowed the AAP-led state government to work freely? How do you respond to these accusations?

It’s the other way around. The AAP-led Delhi government has not allowed the implementation of so many central government schemes. Ayushman Bharat could not be implemented in Delhi, ration cards for poor are not being processed and more than 10 lakh such cases are pending. The central government provides free rations. PM AWAS Yojana was implemented across the country except Delhi. The Delhi government refused to contribute the 20% state share for the Pragati Maidan integrated corridor project. Peripheral roads around Delhi have been developed by the central government 43,000 crore and the Delhi government failed to deliver its share. They also failed to do their part in the RRTS corridors and the court was forced to intervene.

Question: The AAP government has said that the powers of the Delhi government and Parliament have been drastically diluted. As the Leader of Opposition in the Delhi Assembly and a veteran MLA since 1993, how do you respond to these allegations?

The AAP has diluted the powers of the assembly. They don’t have question time during the meetings, which is not seen anywhere else. The business advisory committee meetings to map out the agenda of the sessions will no longer be held. We have eight Opposition MLAs and so far no discussion has been accepted at short notice. The leader of the opposition is thrown out as soon as he gets up to speak.

Q: Many parts of South Delhi are facing water shortage and scarcity. What are you planning to tackle this problem?

Water is a huge problem. Wherever I go, people in South Delhi are crying because of water scarcity. We will ensure that the supply is improved and that good quality clean water is provided.

Question: AAP says CM Arvind Kejriwal’s arrest has created a wave of sympathy among the people of Delhi. How do you see his arrest and could it be detrimental to the BJP’s prospects?

Kejriwal saheb received nine summonses. I also urged him to respect due process. He should have gone and made his point to the agency, but he didn’t go. He approached the Supreme Court seeking relief, but the court offered no relief. The ED had no other option but to arrest him. It is wrong to say that he has been sent to jail by the Modi government. Kejriwal has been sent to jail by the court.

Q: But does it create any sympathy for the AAP, the jailed chief minister and the party?

There is no sympathy for people who engage in such large-scale corruption fraud. They have done nothing to make people sympathize. Why would people sympathize with him?

With this roti in hand, as a testimony of God, I say that I have been among millions of people, but no one wondered why Arvind Kejriwal was arrested.

Question: The AAP and Congress are organizing these elections jointly for the first time. How do you see this happening at ground level?

In the last elections we achieved a vote share of 57%. Even with both of their vote shares combined, they won’t come close to us. We will get an even greater vote share. Modi ji’s popularity is even higher than in 2019. The elections are not fought by Ramvir Bidhuri. The people of Delhi are fighting the elections to make Narendra Modi Prime Minister for the third time. The alliance has no bearing on our prospects for victory. If the alliance had an impact, why would one leader after another leave them? DPCC chief Arvinder Lovely is out, AAP minister Raj Kumar Anand is out and former minister Raj Kumar Anand has quit the Congress. It’s a sinking ship.

Question: What would be your arguments for the undecided voters in the coming elections?

The undecided voter will vote for Modi, never for Rahul Gandhi. People will vote above caste, creed and religion.

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