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You can tell previous positions and CEOs on a forum of EE.UU and coincide with the title of the scholarship

The common thread through all the other positions and CEOs, Luis Caputo, is expuso este domingo by la tarde and a forum de inversores in Estados Unidos su mirada sobre the impacto de las políticas in the central economy in the emerging countries, such as Argentina. Fue en el marco de una charla sobre “Líderes en Finanzas” in Los Ángeles, donde el ministro de Caputo se her mañana with the title of the Fondo Monetario, Kristalina Georgieva, who wants to brindará a charla.

In the exhibition on the transfer of the prensa is the function of “business and security” that stimulates economic growth and its success effect of our medicine during bedtime, seg the limited information you share with the Palacio de Hacienda. The focal point of the conference is the end political priorities, the reversals and the rules of regulation that you can boost lending before economic profits increase.

Argentina has made the decision on the Federal Reserve of EE.UU. if you look at your official interests between 5.25% and 5.50%, the highest level is 23 years. It’s so nivelles can pay the dollar of other amounts of money, weaken the consumption of raw materials Argentinian agriculture and ensuring money in dollars, the capitals’ salida has increasing returns.

In this context, the gira can undergo a transformation opportunities to benefit from the negotiation with the FMI, during the reunions at the moment with a technical mission in Buenos Aires. Caputo busca un “new programs” and frescoes for 15,000 million dollars for levantar el cepo, because the organism as the gobier has not seen ten previous reunions on the forum, which extends its microorganisms, one of the previous times can end a space.

The Ministry through the President, the Secretary General of the Presidency, Karina Milei, the Jefe de Gabinete, Nicolás Posse, and the embajador at EE.UU, Gerardo Werthein, participate in the global conference of the Instituto Milken, an event that brings together a 4,000 participants, including former President Bill Clinton, Joe Biden’s lord of the region, Christopher Dodd; and BID President Ilan Goldfajn.

The company and the economic titular participate in other cases with reversals that support the Argentine economy, while Milei is one of the oradores at the conference created by Michael Milken, a financial company impulse of the “bonos basura” in the 1980s, which can lead to 10 years in prison for defrauding and convicting the ex-president of Donald Trump. “La charla de Milei is para consumo doméstico,” said a fondo with sede in Los Ángeles.

The money and the dollar, and la mira

Gobier has played a crucial role in the policy of “planchar” of the dollar, losing pesos with stories about the bag and its gradual abolition. The aim is to prevent an acceleration of inflation and reduce the deterioration of Banco Central, while the costs of a recession are serious with the impact on consumption and the economy, a direction chosen by the roadmap for the accelerating the devaluing rhythm, conditionally by inflating and eliminating controls.

A level local, Milei es critics of ortodoxos economists, with Domingo Cavallo, Carlos Rodríguez and Miguel Angel Broda. También by the extitular of the Banco Nación, Carlos Melconian, and the exministros of the economy, Alfonso Prat Gay and Hernán Lacunza. The president has heard the last word about the “fundamentalists of the cambiario”. “Is this a fair depreciation to earn the dollar salaries and increase the money?” he said in the red X.

You can advertise the period when products and exports are a “speculative factor” in the medium term of the demos of the liquidation of the economy and the 8% price of the soy with a value of US$ 425 on the annual basis. If you made US$2,000 million from spending money, Dollar income is a demand for a year when Argentina wants to cancel $11,000 million in capital and interestsince GMA Capital.

The defense of this cambiario and the prudence to eliminate the controls on the economist Marina Dal Poggetto by the “dependent dependence” and the endorsement of the director Luciano Laspina, who the “inconsistent” posture of the official opinion of the cambio idea as “inconsistent” considers a “balance” with the management of the earth is such that the plant is “atrasado” in a relationship with a few years. “Cuando libremente, hablamos”, disparó on his cuenta de X.