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Groundnut basin: Hepatitis B prevalence of more than 10% – Lequotidien

The prevalence of hepatitis B exceeds 10% in the Central Groundnut Basin, said Karim Diop, Secretary General of the Framework for Consultation, Coordination and Advocacy Actions by Civil Society for Health in Senegal (3 Cap-Santé) . “In April, we were in the groundnut basin where the prevalence of hepatitis B is more than 10%,” he said.

Dr. Diop moderated a panel discussion in Dakar on Saturday, as part of World Health Day celebrations on April 7.

“Our health, our rights” was the theme of this year’s event.

“Research has shown that hepatitis B affects many young people, causing cirrhosis, a chronic inflammation of the liver that destroys liver cells,” he explained.

“Unfortunately, if you go to Kaolack, you will see that many young people are hospitalized with cirrhosis, that is, liver cancer,” lamented Dr. Diop.

He called for the “implementation of a laborious program of screening, prevention and vaccination of children at birth against hepatitis B.”

Karim Diop announced that a concept note would be sent to the authorities with recommendations for solutions to this health problem.

“The state will not be able to do everything, but it can strengthen the momentum that has already built up,” he emphasized.