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I am committed to improving employee well-being – Tinubu

President Bola Tinubu has reaffirmed his government’s commitment to improving the welfare of all workers, noting the various relief programs including wage allocation and the upcoming minimum wage review.

He made this statement in a statement issued by his spokesperson, Ajuri Ngelale, on Wednesday to mark this year’s Labor Day.

President Tinubu expressed his strong belief that the managers of the national machinery deserve fair wages and better welfare, and that a worker deserves not just any reward, but a fair and proportionate wage.

The President assured Nigerian workers of his commitment to not only improving their well-being, but also improving their working conditions and providing them with the necessary tools to succeed.

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Tinubu warmly congratulated Nigerian workers on the auspicious occasion of Labor Day and commended them for “their loyalty to the peace, progress and development of the nation, manifested in their tireless efforts and patriotic zeal to fuel the national engine to keep it going.”

According to the statement, he honored Nigerian workers “in all areas – from the administrative officer who ensures proper documentation and distribution of correspondence; the security guard who remains dutiful through all seasons; the teacher who secures the future of our nation by transmitting knowledge to the next generation; the doctor who works relentlessly to save precious lives, and for all the Nigerian workers who keep the candle burning.”

The president wished them happy May Day celebrations.