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Is Gray Zone Warfare coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S? – Destructoid

Things seem to be going so well with the tactical FPS Gray zone warfare. The game not only manages to push the Steam Deck from its number one spot on the Steam Top Seller list, but also registers tens of thousands of players who seemingly crave it. Escape from Tarkov-like realism.

Currently the shooter is available in Early Access and only on PC. However, there will undoubtedly be more than one or two people who will wonder if it will eventually make its way to the current generation of consoles. Unfortunately, things aren’t looking too good on that front.

According to the FAQ section on the Gray zone warfare website, there appear to be no plans to release the game on PS5, Xbox Series X|S or even Nintendo Switch for the time being. The quote says that the team is keeping it on PC for now, with the goal of making it “as smooth and polished as possible.” So don’t hold your breath for a console version just yet. After all, it’s still early days.

What about playing on Steam Deck?

It’s a PC game, so the next obvious port of call is to check if it runs on the Steam Deck. If you have a copy of Gray zone warfareas well as the portable gaming PC you have at your disposal, it doesn’t hurt to see how well (if at all) it will run on the mobile device.

However, if you take a quick look at the game’s official Steam page, there doesn’t seem to be any indication as to whether it’s compatible with the Deck or not. The lack of information suggests this is probably not the case. Without a clear sign of whether it’s ‘verified’, ‘playable’ or ‘unsupported’, there’s no real way to check other than people just trying it out for themselves.

As for the game itself, some may have noticed lag issues. As mentioned above, it’s still very much in development, so you can expect a bug or two. Luckily, developer Madfinger Games has provided some advice on how to fix any lingering issues Gary Zone Warfare. A hotfix was also recently shipped and the studio will no doubt be working on regular updates to fix any major issues.

For those who don’t know what it’s about, the description describes it as “an intense tactical FPS with a realistic ballistic simulation,” which also includes “real-world values ​​and authentic ballistic models.” Ballistic realism is the central theme here.

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