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Devon Thompson can’t live without her Gibson SG – Music Connection Magazine

Dark Los Angeles alt-rocker Devon Thompson told us about her love for her Gibson SG, when she premiered the new video “Straightjacket” exclusively with us.

Devon Thompson: One piece of gear I can’t live without now is my Gibson SG. I’ve been playing big Hollowbodies for a long time and randomly picked up an SG from Gibson to try it out and it changed my life.

Because I have a smaller build, I can play the guitar myself much more easily. Especially because it sits just right in my stomach. It made it easier for me to get around on stage and I find it handles solos much better than the previous guitar I was using.

Because I mainly play as a trio, the guitar I use is very important. I was so surprised at how well it complemented my songs. I definitely won’t be without this guitar again! Another side note: Another device I love is the Julia pedal from Walrus Audio. It has the perfect chorus and adds so much sparkle to certain songs.

Devon Thompson’s “Straitjacket” releases May 3.

Photo by Jaxon Whittington