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NDA TDP and MP candidates run election campaign Rally G Kondurolo Town

The joint election campaign rally for TDP and YMP candidates in G Kondurolo town on Tuesday evening got off to a grand and enthusiastic start. Vasantha Krishna Prasad, the joint candidate for Mylavaram constituency, and Keshineni Shivnath (Chinni), the candidate for Vijayawada Parliament, led the meeting.

Local party leaders, along with women supporters holding Haratuls, went door to door, seeking blessings for the success of the candidates of the Telugu Desam Party, backed by the NDA alliance. The atmosphere was electric as the rally progressed through the city.

Vasantha Krishna Prasad and Keshineni Shivnath rode atop the campaign cart and urged residents to vote for the bicycle symbol. The meeting was attended by leaders, activists and supporters of Janasena, BJP and Telugu Desam Party.

The candidates reiterated their commitment to the people of the constituency and emphasized their plans for the development and well-being of the region. The supporters expressed their enthusiasm for the upcoming elections and pledged their support to the TDP and YMP candidates.

The joint election campaign in G Kondurolo town was a show of unity and strength as the candidates and their supporters geared up for the upcoming elections.