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requirements and elections may take place

Bloomberg Linea — More from 3.2 million registered votes votarán the domingo 5 mayo por the proximo presidente de Panamá, a contexto marcado por la lucha against the corruption and las protestas ambientales.

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In the comics, more than 880 public goods are shared: 701 corregimiento representatives, 81 alcaldes, 71 national diputas, 20 diputados for the Central American parliament and 11 concejales.

In the electoral calendar, the Comisión de Voto Adelantado del Plan General de Elecciones have access to the internet from April 23 for voters registered in the Civil Register in the Extranjero and the Voter Register for the Voto Adelantado.

The period of food intake will be extended on May 2, 2024 at 11:59 PM (hora de Panamá), informó el Tribunal Electoral.

There are a total of 3,788 registered citizens the Registro de Residentes en el Extranjero and 670 who have registered in the electoral register for those entitled to vote are official.

Do you want to go to the elections in Panama via the Internet?

The voters who register in the modal mode have made their registration notifications for the chosen vote.

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The public space was registered on December 15, 2023, when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was announced.

The voters he has received an electronic correo with the direct placement of the votación place (URL)If a confidential code from your digital generation is used for the system, you can use a dialer to validate the mode of your choice.

Here’s what you can do to vote online:

  • Add a link indicating your electronic correo and the number of your number, perform the nacimiento and realize the verification to confirm that there is no robot.
  • If you confirm the veracity of the data, you can reject the face view to validate your identity. Finally, add the PIN code at the front.
  • During the fashion, most of the votación porridge, similar to the boleta impresa. Select your election candidate or remove the blank voting choice and confirm your selection.
  • Once the platform has been confirmed, the most common notification is that the pinnacle of your choice has been reached.
  • If you continue to complete your voting information for a few minutes, the system will be checked and the process will be monitored and started according to the principle of voting.
  • If you cast your vote, access to the system will be blocked and you will no longer be able to access it. This is accomplished as a way to avoid voting more.

How does your voice work on the internet in Panama?

The voting technical system and the supervision of internet voting broadcasts for the general election on May 5, 2024 this regulation on the decision of April 30, 19, 2024.

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For the configuration process of the votación of RERE and REVA Set the votación and the controlIt is the task of the electoral habilitation at a certain time to vote and your electronic correspondence, the configuration of the electoral sphere and the general candidates for a political party and a free postulate, explaining the electoral.

You can configure it assigning roles to electoral functions when you intervene in establishing the instructions for the knife, and the electronic environment that addresses voters, you will be notified and the first voting process will be recorded.