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I was once homeless and addicted in London. I know charities like this matter

I don’t often talk here about the gigs I do. With the start of the Ibiza season having arrived and my gig at Glastonbury just announced, I thought I’d take a bit of time to let you know what I’ll be getting up to in London this week.

Twelve years ago I got invited to play at the opening party of SushiSamba at the Heron Tower. Well, I’m excited to share that I was invited back for the launch of a new space. It has had a full refurbishment and looks fantastic. It’s so nice to be invited to be part of something all these years later as you have evolved and now the space too has evolved. You’d better go check it out.

New, exciting spaces for London are always welcome. See you next Wednesday.

Track of the week: London — Hifi Sean, Severino and FERAL is KINKY