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‘Bowlers need support… Otherwise the game becomes one-sided’


R Ashwin made a big statement on power hitting batting Said this about the size of the stadium

New Delhi. Indian cricket team’s star off-spinner R Ashwin has expressed concerns about power hitting in modern cricket. Ashwin says power-hitting batting today makes the size of cricket stadiums irrelevant. Ashwin, one of the best spinners in the world, is worried that his powerful batting could make the game one-sided. Ashwin said this in view of the big scores being achieved in the current IPL. The mark of 250 has been exceeded several times this season of IPL. In addition, teams also scored 287 and 277 points this season. With the implementation of the Impact Rule in this competition, teams now continuously score over 200. And this score is not considered safe.

37-year-old right-arm spin bowler R Ashwin said, “The stadiums built earlier are not relevant in today’s time. The bats used back then are no longer used even in street cricket. The boundary has already been reduced by 10 meters due to the use of LED signs by the sponsors. In the current era, the game has tilted too much towards one side (the batsman). It’s like making someone happy by bothering someone. Bowlers need mental encouragement.

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R Ashwin, however, expressed hope that even under these conditions, a good bowler will make his mark and continue to prove himself with his new skills. According to Ashwin, “When the balance of the game changes and you have to find answers. This is a good opportunity to show yourself differently. Currently, Ashwin plays for Rajasthan Royals in IPL. Ashwin’s bowling performance in the current IPL was nothing special. He has managed to take only 2 wickets in 9 matches. R Ashwin has taken 173 wickets in 226 IPL matches.

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