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Eagles’ AJ Brown grateful for contract; goal is to retire in Philly – NBC Sports Philadelphia

It wasn’t that long ago that AJ Brown was longing for just one big contract in his NFL career.

Now he’s had two.

In the two years since the Eagles traded for Brown in the 2022 draft, they have given him a four-year, $100 million contract extension, already adding another three-year deal worth $96 million this offseason , making him the highest ranked player. paid receiver in NFL history.

“It was a huge blessing,” Brown said Tuesday. “I’ve said that over and over again. I’m just so grateful. I really have no words for it, to be honest. It’s just that God has had this favor in my life since I was little. It is sometimes difficult to understand. I ask myself: why me? From my state, from my home, my family, why did God choose me? And sometimes sometimes I don’t understand it. And this is another one.

“This is something I just stumbled upon. But God gives us free will and of course I did what I had to do, work hard, but I’m only human. I’m making a mess. But I don’t understand it, but I’m here now and I’m blessed and I’m going to continue to try to achieve my goal.”

To put it very simply: Brown, 26, is happy.

And he is happy here.

In his two years in Philadelphia, he has been to the Pro Bowl twice and has had the two best receiving seasons in franchise history. He is an important weapon on a playoff team. He gets passes from his best friend Jalen Hurts, who watched Tuesday’s press conference from the back of the room. He plays against new good friend DeVonta Smith, who also got paid this season. And he does it in a place that feels like it’s full of family.

Meanwhile, Brown’s family is growing and he has more than enough money to support his children and his children’s children.

In a message released Tuesday by the Eagles’ social media team, Brown said he wants to play the rest of his career in Philadelphia. By the time his latest contract extension expires, Brown will be 32 years old. So it’s entirely possible to finish his career in Philadelphia.

“I’m not saying this is the end,” Brown said. “I’m not ready for it to be over yet, but that’s the goal. That’s the goal. I think my career took off when I came here. It went to another level. It feels good. My family is here. My girl goes back to school here. There are children. I have teammates and their children, I want to grow up together.

In the two years since the trade, Brown has experienced some of the highs and lows that come with being a professional athlete in Philadelphia. He’s seen the incredible energy at the Linc and he’s had to deal with a lot of fabricated drama off the field.

Earlier this season, Brown even called on a show on 94WIP to set the record straight on several topics, though he now admits he should probably just let some people have their opinions without worrying about it.

But through it all, Brown has remained loyal to Philadelphia. So despite all the half-baked ideas and bullshit rumors about trading him, Brown won’t want to to be somewhere else.

“This is home. This is home,” Brown said. “It’s going to be some good days, some bad days, but this is my home. I’ve loved it. This is the best city. man. The support is just through the roof. Away games, home games, away games feel like home games. Even when I’m not playing, I have people, Eagle fans, shouting my name !’ I’m in the park. And the support system is second to none, man.

Before coming to Philadelphia, Brown was a good receiver. There’s a reason why the Eagles gave up a first-round pick in the trade with Tennessee in the first place.

But since coming to the Eagles, Brown said his career has reached another level. The last two years were not only the best receiving seasons in franchise history, but they were also the best two seasons of Brown’s career. And with him only turning 27 in June, we’re looking at an all-time player in his prime.

What was the difference for Brown in Philly?

“Support system. I think it’s family,” he said. “You care about someone you love and you play next to people you love. You go to bat for them, you play a little harder, including Jalen, Smitty and other guys on the team, I think that’s just pushing each other.”

The Eagles have an environment that has helped Brown thrive, but he is also a bit of a self-starter. He seemed excited Tuesday when the last question he received was about areas he wants to improve.

Although he wouldn’t reveal the details, Brown said he keeps notes in his phone as he watches tape or thinks about his playing of things he wants to get better at.

Even after a few seasons of incredible production, Brown thinks there is still room for improvement. And he wants to gain every advantage he can.

“I know guys don’t work every day,” he said. “I know they don’t work twice a day and I’m trying to get that edge. I’m thinking about it and maybe I can pass it on to some people. But I know when guys go out Friday night, they’re going out. I’m going to exercise. They’re going to party on Saturday night. I’m going to exercise. I’m trying to get that edge and I’m just trying to add that mentality. I try to gain an inch every day. Because I know not everyone does that. And so when the time comes, we’ll see.”

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