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RWA Protocols Set to Lock Total Value of $8 Billion – CryptoMode

Real-world asset (RWA) tokenization protocols have seen a notable rise over the past year. It achieved a major milestone with a total value capture (TVL) of nearly $8 billion by the end of April 2024. This increase is fueled by the market’s growing preference for high-yield, debt-based investments, which has led to a resurgence in RWA protocols. driven by this demand, as reported by Messari.

TVL in RWA protocols registers a 60% increase since February

According to a recent post According to blockchain analyst Messari on This growth is fueled by a market preference for high-return debt-based investments, resulting in a notable revival of RWA protocols.

Since February, total value (TVL) in real-world asset protocols has increased by almost 60%, indicating significant investor interest. Protocols such as Toucan, KlimaDAO and Propy have experienced substantial growth in the number of active users, underscoring the sector’s growing appeal.

One notable area of ​​growth is in tokenized treasuries, which have seen a substantial increase, reaching a record $1.29 billion. This growth is mainly driven by protocols such as Securitize and Ondo, which demonstrate the increasing adoption of tokenized assets in the market.

Contributing to this growth are initiatives such as BlackRock’s Ethereum-based Institutional Digital Liquidity Fund (BUIDL) and the Franklin OnChain US Government Money Fund (FOBXX), which have been instrumental in the expansion of the RWA market.

Overall, the rise in the number of real-world asset protocols underlines the growing demand for high-yield investments and the increasing adoption of tokenized assets across the financial landscape.