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Review of X-Men ’97 episode 8

It’s the beginning of the end of the first season of X Men ’97.

X Men ’97 Episode 8, “Tolerance is Extinction Part 1,” picks up where the previous episode, “Bright Eyes,” leaves off, kicking off the three-part season finale and delivering shock and awe.


X-MEN '97

We start with a bang as Bastion, the ever-devious anti-mutant mastermind, unleashes an army of Prime Sentinels. These aren’t your garden variety robots; they’re legitimate human volunteers twisted into mutant hunting machines. Yeah, some people were so concerned with getting rid of these mutants that they decided they were better off as Sentinels than… living a normal life. Mutant hatred and intolerance have certainly reached new heights, and that’s both worrying and terrifying. Don’t like your neighbor? Turn into a killing machine for them while you have no memory of it! Don’t give us humans this stupid idea.

I hate to say I told you, but Cable drops a bombshell that I’ve been harping on about since episode 5: he still has to be able to prevent the disaster at Genosha because it was an “absolute time.” Translation: Some things are so set in stone that not even a time machine can get them out. It also makes sense why we see The Watcher, Uatu, in that episode before things really heat up and get a little crazy.

Meanwhile, Val Cooper, caught between the humans and the mutants, has a change of heart and decides to turn the script into Bastion’s master plan. In a daring move, she frees Magneto, the father of magnetism, in hopes of countering Bastion’s game. Magneto wastes no time and unleashes a massive electromagnetic pulse that zaps the Prime Sentinels and sends humanity back to the technological Stone Age. Heeeeeey yes.

X-MEN '97

Just when you think it couldn’t get any more intense, Charles Xavier returns to Earth in a big way. The stage is set for a showdown that promises to shake the foundations of mutant-human relations.

Also enter Spider-Man, Silver Samurai and Omega Red cameos.

Val Cooper’s actions reveal a desperate truth: she believes that the dream of peaceful coexistence may be a pipe dream. In freeing Magneto, she did not do so alone betrays However, Bastion also symbolically throws in the towel on the hope that humans and mutants can ever live in harmony.

As we leave off, Magneto’s chilling declaration of “enough” sounds like a dire warning. The mutants are tired – They are battered and can’t take it anymore. Now that humanity has been knocked off its high-tech pedestal, what’s next for our heroes and their adversaries? Stay tuned for the next few episodes, because if this opener is to be believed, we’re in for a heartbreaking finale to this saga full of super-powered battles.

X Men ’97. A. Revelations, theories and even more cameos come together in this eighth episode and part one of the three-season finale. Camila Domingues, BSP. X-Men ’97 Episode 8, “Tolerance is Extinction, Part 1”

Don’t forget to tune in to Disney+ next Wednesday for episode 9, because something tells me the sparks are just starting to fly.

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