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FISHER would like to collaborate with J.Lo | Purple sneakers

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FISHER has set his sights on what could very well be the collaboration of the year, teasing fans with a song’s potential J.Lo (also known as Jennifer Lopez).

Yesterday (April 30), the Gold Coast techno artist was stunned to discover J.Lo had followed him on Instagram. He shared a screenshot of the notification and stated: “LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN!!”

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J.Lo himself has yet to acknowledge the pitch, but FISHER’s fans certainly agree: “You should remix some of her songs,” one commented, while another joked that FISHER “her hook, line and took a sinker.”

J.Lo recently ended a decade-long hiatus from the music business and released her ninth studio album, This is me nowin February as a follow-up to that of 2014 in other words FISHER, on the other hand, started 2024 with reworks of Jamming Through Bob Marley And Someone I knew Through Gotje And Kimbra (of which the last was especially loved by fans).

Meanwhile, FISHER will be on this Saturday (May 4). launch its own music festival, Out 2 Lunchstarring the line-up Vintage culture (in the Brazil-based DJ’s first-ever Australian show), Flight facilities, Little Frits And Shimmy.