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Mother, 30, given less than a year to live after a mistake during a caesarean section

A mother has been told she has less than a year to live after making a mistake during her caesarean section.

Kelsie McHugh, 30, had an emergency caesarean section when she had daughter Renae, 18 months, but surgeons accidentally cut an eight-inch gash in her bladder. This mistake led to her suffering from blood and intestinal poisoning, which meant she developed intestinal failure, meaning she was no longer able to absorb fluids.

The teaching assistant has now been told she needs an intestinal transplant and that she only has about a year to live if she doesn’t get it.

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Kelsie said: “I hope and pray that I can get to the top of the list soon because I have a little baby who needs her mother in her life. It’s so hard to stay strong because I have no control over it and that’s the worst part.

“When I was told about the 12 months, I said I just wanted to focus on my family and make memories. Not getting the transplant often plays on my mind, but my husband doesn’t want to think about it.”

Kelsie gave birth to Renae at 31 weeks pregnant and went into cardiac arrest just under an hour after birth. After being in and out of hospital constantly and having two stomas fitted due to complications with her bladder, she was diagnosed with multiple organ failure.