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Keon Coleman’s first press conference with the Buffalo Bills was hilarious

It took one press conference for Buffalo Bills fans – and the rest of NFL Twitter – to fall in love with Keon Coleman.

Buffalo’s second-round pick has a big personality to match his ability to make big catches.

Coleman traveled to Buffalo to meet with the organization, tour the team facilities and attend his introductory press conference with the media.

Coleman was hungry to learn the playbook and build a relationship with Josh Allen. He also craved cookies.

Here are the best moments from Coleman’s entertaining interview.

Keon Coleman loves Wegmans cookies

All eyes were on Coleman as he entered the media room. His eyes were focused on a container of Wegmans chocolate chip cookies.

“Where did you get all those snacks?” Coleman asked reporters. ‘I’m doing well. Those cookies look delicious. I’m not lying to you.’

Coleman headed to the snacks right after the press conference.

“Have a nice day y’all. Yeah, I can grab some?” said Coleman. “Do these cookies taste good?”

An employee confirmed that the cookies were delicious and Coleman asked her to go half-hearted and share one with him.

Keon Coleman is a savvy shopper at Macy’s and gives fashion tips

Coleman started his interview joking about his yellow hooded puffer jacket. He was bundled up with a hooded sweatshirt underneath, even though it was 64 degrees in Buffalo. Coleman is from Opelousas, Louisiana, home of the birthplace of Zydeco music, where the average temperature is at least 80 degrees for about half the year:

“You forgot I went to school in Michigan for two years. Guess where I got this from. But you’ll be wrong, but guess what.’

The reporter suspected that Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo, who Coleman played for as a dual-sport athlete during his time at Michigan State.

“No, Macy’s. What do you mean?’ asked Coleman. “They’re on sale on the rack. All colors, $79, $89. Nice deal. You can get the trench coat for around $100. I’ll take you there personally. Maybe I’ll buy some more colors. I have a blue one and another red one. I shop just like my mother. I buy my jackets in the summer. You should shop a season or two earlier, just in case, it’ll be cheaper, all Thanksgiving, you know what I mean?”

Keon Coleman is every kid pretending to score his first touchdown

Coleman walked onto the Highmark Stadium lawn and saw his name on the video board.

“Man, let’s run to the other side!” Coleman said as he took off toward the opposite end zone. “Touchdown!”

He told reporters he scored three imaginary touchdowns.

Keon Coleman was looking for a swimming pool, but found an ice skating rink in Buffalo

“I was at my hotel during my (top 30 pre-draft) visit. I asked the woman if they had a pool so I could stretch and get a little workout in. I’m going down. I get lost looking for it. Guess what what do I think? An ice rink. I think ‘What should I do with that?!’ What, I go skating for an hour? I don’t skate. I did that when I was probably 8 years old. I was looking for a pool so I could get a little workout in during these 30 visits like ‘a pool?’ The last thing I expected was a hockey rink. An ice rink?

Keon Coleman turns the cryotherapy chamber into a WWE Undertaker entrance

Coleman stopped by the Bills’ cryotherapy chamber and was intrigued.

“What are you going in there with, your boxers?” Coleman asked a team employee before walking inside. “Hey, that’s enough to freeze my pants, boy! Were we trying to roll in the snow too? Turn off the lights. I feel like the Undertaker. Let’s do it again.’

Coleman left the room again, surrounded by a liquid nitrogen vaper, to simulate the professional wrestler’s ring entrance.

Keon Coleman’s love for Waffle House

‘At home I eat Waffle House so often in the evening that I had the chef’s number on my messages.’

Keon Coleman confirms Buffalo Wings are legit

‘Buffalo have the tastiest wings. I tasted them in the canteen. Yes, they are fire.”

How he got into the NFL

“I just grew up in Louisiana. I’m just a kid from Opelousas who didn’t give up on his dream. Simple statistics say I shouldn’t be here.’

Josh Allen texted Keon Coleman during the draft

“He texted me the day before. He said, ‘You’re the guy I wanted. I’ve been watching a lot of receivers and I wanted to play with you.’ I’m like, ‘I said the same thing. I want to go play with the guy who wears number 17.’ I think he is one of the best in the league right now and I would like to receive passes from him.

Why Keon Coleman will wear number zero

Wore a huge No. 4 necklace to the press conference – his number at Florida State – but chose No. 0 with the Bills. No. 4 occupied by running back James Cook.

“A number is what you make of it. I wore zero at Michigan State, so it felt good to be in that number again. James Cook is a great back. He has number 4. He has established himself at 4 and that’s a lot money trying to change numbers. That’s a lot of jersey sales. It’s not that serious to me. That’s his number and I’m going to let him keep that number and make my own name with it.”

He is an optimist

“I just cheer everyone up. You’ll never see me down. I always have a smile on my face.”