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Used specialized Levo SL Comp (S) BM9486 | E-bikes for mountain bikes with double suspension

The 2022 Specialized Levo Turbo SL Comp is a lightweight e-MTB with a range of features including

  • Lightweight frame: Weighing 19.4 kg, with a compact SL1-320Wh battery that provides 21 km of support on a single charge, and can be expanded with a range extender battery.
  • Natural driving feeling: The Turbo Levo SL Comp has a smooth and lightweight SL 1.1 motor that doubles your pedaling power with up to 240 watts of silent support.
  • Agility: The bike is designed to be very agile and playful, with short chainstays and a geometry that lends itself to being thrown around.
  • Delay: The bike comes with 150mm of travel and FOX Rhythm 34 Float 29 forks and FOX Float DPS Performance shocks, which makes it feel balanced on descents and allows for comfortable riding on tricky sections.
  • Battery management: The bike’s battery can be automatically managed through the Mission Control app, ensuring the battery lasts as long as needed.
  • Powerful engine: The bike is equipped with Specialized’s SL 1.1 lightweight motor, which delivers 35 Nm of torque, making it suitable for fit riders who want a little extra boost on longer days.

The Specialized Levo Turbo SL Comp is designed for riders who want a lightweight and maneuverable e-MTB that delivers a natural riding feel and a little extra boost on longer days. It is suitable for fit riders who want to go that extra mile without needing much help.