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Lil Kim teases upcoming tour with ‘big’ artist

Lil Kim has announced that she is taking her legendary show on the road, and her fans will be happy to know that she is bringing a “major artist” with her.

In an undated video that went viral on Tuesday (April 30), the Queen Bee revealed the tour would kick off this summer, although she didn’t say exactly when.

“I have something that you will all be so happy about,” she said in the video. “Oh my God. I’m going on tour with someone who is a major. Someone who is very special. You will be so happy.”

Watch the video below.

Earlier this month, the legend revealed on her Instagram that she had been working on a collaboration with Nike with her rumored boyfriend, who also happens to be much younger than her.

The MC took to Instagram live on April 13 to show off a new top that the company made exclusively for her.

She said: “It was a really fun Adidas party. Do you see this? This is Adidas. Let me show you. This shit is fire, bro… I’m not gonna lie, I like this shot. They gave me some kind of fire shit. The most customized shit. There really is something very secretive going on with Adidas.”

Kim then took off her sneaker, which was also made by Adidas.

Fans were skeptical about the new man of the “Magic Stick” MC.

One user wrote: “He looks like a little girl, bye.” Another added: “Which child is this? And why is she light-skinned?’ A third said: “The fetish of dating half their age is worrying.”

Lil’ Kim first sparked romance rumors in February after writing a sweet message to the rising rapper.

The Hard core rapper appeared to go public with her new man as she talked about her special bond with Brown and shared videos of them enjoying each other’s company.

“I know this post is a little late, but I was blessed enough to spend your entire birthday with U and we are still celebrating,” she wrote on Instagram. “Our band is so perfectly aligned in the most organic way. I know it was God who brought us together.

“If people only knew how big a role you play in my life and career. If only they knew that you were a big part of the reason the beehive is getting new music now. You are my motivation and that voice that always encourages me. You are so intelligent and such a boss.

“If only they knew the things we think about together, how we can talk with our eyes and stay on the same page. How we are each other’s rock, the late night conversations, the heartbreaking laughs we share, the arguments, the debates.

Cam'ron Implies He and Ma$e Slept with Lil Kim and Foxy Brown After Dirk Nowitzki's Confession

Cam’ron Implies He and Ma$e Slept with Lil Kim and Foxy Brown After Dirk Nowitzki’s Confession

She continued, “You get on my nerves sometimes, but I also really enjoy annoying you because I’m annoying. Even after I irritate you, you always give me the biggest smile. And if anyone knows you, he knows that you hardly do that and that’s why I enjoy annoying you so much.

“It’s so weird that we’ve become so close because it happened out of the blue, but I’m really proud of what we’re building and especially the unconditional love we have for each other. You’re a sweet gangsta and I love it!

“I always want the best for you and I want to see you go all the way to the top where you belong. You deserve it. My twins, my best frennn. I am so proud to call you my artist. I love you 4 ever @realtayybrown.”